Energetic Radio

In this episode of Energetic Radio, host Dale Sidebottom sits down with inspirational guest Danielle Matthews to discuss her incredible journey of overcoming a life-changing event. After being hit by a drunk driver, Danielle faced debilitating injuries but has since transformed her perspective to embrace the obstacles in her life as opportunities for growth. Through her story, she shares how she learned to detach from her thoughts, observe her own thinking patterns, and find gratitude in the midst of adversity. Join us as we explore Danielle's profound insights and the strategies she used to navigate her life's challenges and emerge as a source of inspiration for others.

What is Energetic Radio?

Energetic Radio with Dale Sidebottom is a fantastic tool for people looking to bring fun play and happiness into each and every day. Listen along as Dale interviews world-renowned experts and shares his own experiences with you in this weekly podcast.