USSC Briefing Room

This is the third in a series of four panel discussions recorded from the United States Studies Centre’s inaugural Sydney International Strategy Forum. This episode is the “Navigating de-risking, disruption and emerging technology” panel featuring:
  • Michaela Browning, Vice President Government and Public Policy for Asia Pacific – Google  
  • Dr John Kunkel, Senior Economic Adviser – United States Studies Centre  
  • Hayley Channer, Director Economic Security – United States Studies Centre  
  • Moderator: Jared Mondschein, Director of Research – United States Studies Centre  
A video recording of this episode is available on the USSC YouTube channel here. The playlist of all recordings from the Sydney International Strategy Forum is available here.
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Produced by: Elliott Brennan

What is USSC Briefing Room?

The USSC Briefing Room is a podcast from the United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney. It gives you a seat at the table for a briefing on the latest US news and foreign policy. Co-hosts Mari Koeck, Jared Mondschein and Victoria Cooper talk to experts to cover what you need to know and what's beneath the surface of the news.