Movies vs. Capitalism

Rivka and Frank are joined by former Ohio state senator and congressional candidate Nina Turner for a heartfelt discussion about the Denzel Washington health insurance drama John Q

John Q is the story of father and husband John Quincy Archibald who holds an emergency room hostage after learning his health insurance won’t cover his young son’s heart transplant. Even though the film was made in 2002, its message and themes remain as relevant as ever. During the film discussion, Turner shares her personal experience with the American health care system and explores the country’s desperate need for universal health care. The team also unpacks how the health care industry dehumanizes both patients and doctors, and how the film’s moral portrayal of John Q leads to even his hostages feeling sympathy for their captor.

A rough transcript of the episode is available here.
For next week’s movie, MVC will be watching the 1983 comedy classic Trading Places.

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