Full Stack Panic

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Joel Hooks is the co-founder of Egghead.io. He also used to be a Flash developer. One day Steve Jobs wrote a memo and everything he'd put into becoming a world class Flash developer became almost useless overnight. In this episode we discuss how he got past that moment, and much more.

What Joel says about himself:

"I’m a software editor by trade, currently residing in Vancouver, WA. I’m a co-founder of egghead.io. Outside of lovingly shepherding software to release, I spend my time with my lovely wife Kristina and our five children.

In 2013, I convinced my friend John Lindquist to take his YouTube videos that he had been making them for years and turn it into a business. He was skeptical, to say the least, but over the years since we've grown egghead from a stack of free lessons to well over a thousand individual lessons coming from more than 50 instructors. It's been an amazing ride!"

What is Full Stack Panic?

Full stack panic is that feeling you get when you read a JavaScript newsletter and don't recognize half of what's in it. Or when you keep hearing, "Nobody uses [RAILS, WORDPRESS, JQUERY] anymore we're all using [NEW HOTNESS] over here." Or when every job description seems to require a skill you don't have and the little voice in your head says, “I should know all of this. Do I even know what I'm doing?” The web moves fast. This podcast answers the question: how do you build a successful, happy and long-term career when the ground keeps shifting under your feet?