Huron City Radio Drama Presents

Journey Home. Todd and Jodie's car inexplicably stops when they are driving home from her parent's house. But Todd has driven a way they never go, through woods that Jodie knows are full of tales of people disappearing, and of things that should have been forgotten many years ago.

Show Notes

Journey Home
Todd and Jodie are driving home from a tense night at Jodie's parents house where her Mother again brought up her ex-husband Matthew as someone who Joie was much more suited to.

When their car inexplicably stops while driving through some woods, Jodie is scared, as this route was one that no one ever takes due to the stories of people going missing in the woods. 

But the car won't start, and the have no phone signal, and now Todd needs to go to the bathroom and Jodie is scared about him leaving the car. 

Are the stories true, about people going missing in the woods? And what else does Jodie know about this place?

Find out in 'Journey Home' with Emilee Caughel and Jake Buckley. 

What is Huron City Radio Drama Presents?

A series of 30 minute Radio Dramas originally broadcast in The Midnite Hour with Tom Bobbajobski. Tales with a supernatural undercurrent from the world of Huron City Radio, entertainment for the ears.