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Let’s talk about the ‘holy trinity’ of commercial strategy – Sales, Marketing, and Digital. A very important interplay exists between these functions in any business – and if not, it should! This month Andrew draws on veteran strategist Paul Munkley’s experience with businesses that thrive (or DON’T) based on their approach to this all important triangle.

Show Notes

In episode 5 of The eCommerce Experience, Andrew interviews founding member of Emmet Consulting, Paul Munkley. Paul’s career spans countless international organisations and executive leadership positions over the last 20+ years. Using his expertise, Paul helps organisations better align their teams toward a common goal, and has designed Channel and Go To Market strategies for some of Australia’s most well-known businesses.
In this episode we explore the critical role of organisational facets such as Culture, Cadence, Cameraderie, and KPIs.  Join us for some fantastic insights.  
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What is The eCommerce Experience?

B2B & B2C eCommerce insights, tips, success stories and fails. Where you can learn from OUR experience and become an eCommerce expert. In this podcast Andrew Rogencamp shares his wealth of B2B & B2C business experience to take you on an eCommerce adventure. Each month, you’ll hear from industry experts and meet people just like you – looking to take their business to new heights online.

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