Healing Hearts

From overcoming fear to overcoming pain, this first season of the Healing Hearts Podcast is a journey through the lauded Pennsylvania medical marijuana program with The Healing Center as the tour guide.

Show Notes

Trailer Script:

Lisa Craig: Hello and welcome to the Healing Hearts Podcast!

A decade ago in Pennsylvania … medical marijuana was just a dream … NOW, we are changing lives EVERY DAY at The Healing Center!

Jill Zimbicki: “I feel like I’m really making a difference in people’s lives.”

Michael Butler: “He was non-verbal. For seven years she had not heard her son say a word … in the end she said her son now follows here around like a parrot.”

Mike Flick: “His foreman looked at him and said, “Why aren’t you limping anymore?”

Melonie Kotchey: “For example, we had a non-verbal autistic man of 30-years-old. He came back a year later speaking, doing math, Rainman-type math!” (Giggles)

Lisa Craig: We listen to these healing stories and many more … including how The Healing Center journey began.

Jay Richards: “We might be crazy, but let's just keep doing it because we are having fun!”

Chris Kohan: “In the end we are a pharmacy … and we’re there to help people with their health.”

Jay Richards: “We are serious business people and we are here to help people.”

Chris Kohan: “It’s a passionate community … it’s an amazing group of patients that we have.”

Lisa Craig: We talk to experienced medical professionals who were fed up with being a part of a problem.

Michael Butler: “I was the biggest supplier of opioids and benzos to that area and it weighed extremely heavily on me.”

Alina Teplitskaya: “It was a little abusive at times … ya a little overwhelming.”

Jill Krasnicki: “You know I kind of felt like I was stuck there.”

Lisa Craig: Now … we have a solution. Thanks to the incredible Pennsylvania medical marijuana program.

Melonie Kotchey: “The program here is amazing!

Chris Kohan: “We are doing some really spectacular things … and it’s really exciting.”

Michael Butler: “And it’s really like something I said before. Everything you ever learned about marijuana was wrong.”

Melonie Kotchey: "You'll die if you do it! My mother told me that." 

Lisa Craig: We believe in healing with cannabis … we believe in helping patients … and we are passionate.

Mike Flick: “Oh my God! I get to do this for a living!”

Melonie Kotchey: “It’s unbelievable and it’s true!”

Lisa Craig: We are so thankful for patients to have access to cannabis medicine right here at home.

Chris Kohan: “33 states and Pennsylvania is well-recognized as the best medical marijuana market in the country.”

Jay Richards: “Thank you to the Pittsburgh community really … with the bottom of my heart.”

Lisa Craig: So … let’s share stories! Let’s heal hearts … with a little love and a little … THC. On the Healing Hearts Podcast.

Healing Hearts is presented by The Healing Center, voted "Pittsburgh's Best Dispensary." Healing Hearts is recorded at the Center for Media Innovation at Point Park University. More information is available at thehealingcenterusa.com.


Host Voice: Lisa Craig, Marketing Director - The Healing Center
Guest Voices: Chris Kohan and Jay Richards, Co-Founders of The Healing Center; Michael Butler, General Manager - The Healing Center; Jill Zimbicki, Alina Teplitskaya and Jennifer Krasnicki, Pharmacists - The Healing Center; Melonie Kotchey, CEO - Compassionate Certification Centers
Executive Producer: Lisa Craig, Marketing Director - The Healing Center
Editor: Nicholas Ruffolo, Center for Media Innovation


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Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

What is Healing Hearts?

The Healing Hearts Podcast was created by The Healing Center to provide education, innovation and information on Pennsylvania's medical marijuana program. Guests on the show share their healing journeys in the medical marijuana industry as many overcome fear and years of chronic pain to not only help themselves, but help others along the way.