The Teamwork Advantage a Gregg Gregory Podcast

What do a litigation attorney and a Happiness Coach have in common? To understand this you need to ask two questions:
Do you truly love what you do?
Do you love getting up and look forward to your day at work?

Show Notes

In this episode, former litigation attorney Becky Morrison talks about discovering that her number one priority was not work.  In her search for what she really loved, she found the world of coaching and learned that she loves helping others do more of what matters to them and less of the stuff that doesn't matter as much.
Becky admits that this is a simple concept that can be difficult to execute, so she addresses three concepts in her process: 
    1. The Authenticity Gap
    2. The Emotional Gap
    3. The Physical Energy Gap 
In this episode, Becky Morrison talks about all this and more. Discover how to find what matters to you in your life and how to get more of it!

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