Nordic By Nature

Episode 4: ON TRANSFORMATION features the voice of Swedish social entrepreneur, Tomas Björkman. Tomas is a former investment banker and progressive thought leader, who is exploring how to create new spaces and places for co-creation, personal and societal transformation, and community development through conscious social development.

Show Notes

Tomas is the author of the book The World We Create and the  co-author of The Nordic Secret. He is a founding member of the Swedish youth association Protus for lifelong learning and philosophical exploration. In 2016, he founded the Research Institute Perspectiva in London together with Jonathan Rowson - to inspire our political, academic and business leaders to examine real world problems with a deeper appreciation of the influence of our inner worlds.

In 2017, in partnership with the Norrsken foundation, Björkman launched the digital platform 29k to help people reconnect with themselves, like-minded people and what they value most in life. He has been a member of the Club of Rome since 2014. He is also a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences Kungliga Ingenjörsvetenskapsakademien or IVA. 
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What is Nordic By Nature?

Nordic By Nature is inspired by the Norwegian philosopher Arne Naess, who coined the term Deep Ecology. Each episode is spacious, mindful soundscape, created for you to listen with your headphones. Transcripts available on and