In this episode you will meet the incredible Myriama Smith Traore. She is a Student Athlete and English major at St. Louis University in Missouri. She also happens to have two extraordinary talents, she is a collegiate basketball player as well as a top-notch writer.

Show Notes

 I first learned of Myriama through a mutual friend who sent me her article, "Seeing Color." . In it, Myriama says, "Now is the right time to educate yourself on the reality of black lives and how you can become an effective advocate for racial justice. You can start by seeing color." She is a thoughtful, kind, expressive young woman and thanks to her incredible parents, she is especially wise beyond her years. I commend her for taking the time to share her heart, fears, and experiences with us. It is a very vulnerable position to be in and I applaud her courage.

From my time with Myriama it's evident to me that she lives out her favorite quote. She is such an inspiration to me with her calm, gentle, patient ways. I am in awe of her parents and the love, wisdom, and acceptance of others they modeled to their beautiful daughter as she was growing up. Not that her life was without struggle. I see how those hardships, anxieties, and inequities were used as teachable moments that helped her grow in grace and wisdom. They made her a stronger, better person. But those insensitive remarks, stereotyping, and cruel behaviors still caused great pain. She just chose forgiveness, love, and education as the ways of healing those wounds. I see you Myriama. I see what you're going through and I stand with you. May we all find it within ourselves to be gracious to one another and to live as intentionally as Myriama has.

Myriama's Quote: "Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that." MLK Jr.

Myriama's Newspaper Article: "Seeing Color"

Myriama's Roster Page at Saint Louis University

Atlantic 10 Conference's women's basketball Player of the Week

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