Curious Humans with Jonny Miller

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"What would you do if your freedom and pleasure were essential to the freedom and pleasure of the world?" – Tiago Forte

Show Notes

🙌I’ve probably said this before, but this feels like my favourite conversation on the podcast so far.

⏰ I woke up at 5am to take the call because of time-zone differences, but by the end I was practically bouncing off the walls with enthusiasm.

📝 Tiago is one of the deepest thinkers of anyone that I follow online, he’s a prolific writer, productivity coach and as you’ll hear in this conversation has built his business to fuel his own relentless curiosity.

🍄 You wouldn’t imagine that productivity systems and psychedelics usually pair well in a conversation, but it turns out they do!

🏫Tiago also shares some powerful personal stories relating to his experiences using breathwork to process anger, how he is learning to tap into his intuition and a vision that came to him for building a school for future in Brazil.

📝View the transcript of the episode here.

🔗Links and resources mentioned:

+ The home of Tiago's writing 👉 Forte Labs
+ The online course we dive into 👉 Building a Second Brain
+ Follow Tiago on Twitter

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What is Curious Humans with Jonny Miller?

In our productivity obsessed culture we struggle to justify investing time or money into something that doesn’t have a defined outcome—this podcast is a journey to turn the lens of curiosity back on itself and nudge the rest of us 'grown-ups' to take their curiosity more seriously.