Every Damn Thing

Tim Hause helps us rank volcanoes and "American Pie" by Don McLean on the List of Every Damn Thing.

Show Notes

Phil and Jake are joined by singer-songwriter Tim Hause to rank volcanoes and the song “American Pie” by Don McLean on the List of Every Damn Thing.

Follow Tim on Instagram (@timbillhause) and Twitter (@timBILLhause). Check out his collaboration with brother Dave Hause on the fantastic new record “Blood Harmony” (which you can also find on Spotify & Apple Music). And see them play live near you!

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Hawaii * lava * wolves * hot springs * lava insurance * Bruce Springsteen * Shakira * anti-diarrhea medicine * Pee-Wee Herman * firefighters * the Golden Gate Bridge * songwriting * Waylon Jennings * Boomers * radio edits * ponies * Michael Caine * Mendocino Community College * sociology * The Ramones * Bell Biv Devoe * Reese’s Ultimate Peanut Butter Lover’s Cup * metatextuality * Howard the Duck * yes-men

Below are the Top Ten and Bottom Top items on List of Every Damn Thing as of this episode (for the complete up-to-date list, go here).

  1. Dolly Parton - person
  2. interspecies animal friends - idea
  3. sex - idea
  4. bicycles - tool
  5. Clement Street in San Francisco - location
  6. Prince - person
  7. It’s-It - food
  8. Cher - person
  9. dogs - animal
  10. cats - animal


221. Jon Voight - person
222. Hank Williams, Jr - person
223. British Royal Family - institution
224. Steven Seagal - person
225. McRib - food
226. death - idea
227. war - idea
228. cigarettes - drug
229. QAnon - idea
230. transphobia - idea

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