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Hey, if you wanna talk Trek, you can't do better than chatting with a Roddenberry. Especially when this is Rod's favorite Trek.

Show Notes

If you'd like to see what Rod Roddenberry is up to these days, watch Star Trek.  He's taken up the family business and is an executive producer on all of the modern series.  He is also the ring-leader of a fantastic series of science fiction podcasts (with a heavy Trek focus) over at this link:

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Luke is getting back into extensively talking about monsters, and you will want to hear him here - especially if you are into Monster Hunter:
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Matt has a brand-spanking new album of psychedelic new wave or something.  You're hearing some of it in this podcast and you can hear the whole thing for free at this link:
Or listen to Matt (and sometimes Luke) ramble about educational films, experimental films, and weird documentaries here:

What is Matt and Luke's Sci-Fi Sanctuary: Sci-Fi Film Reviews?

Two entirely out-of-touch ex-pat English teachers in Japan wax lyrical about Science Fiction.