Hellions Talks

Interviewing Mark Dickson about his graphic novel, Cream Maid.

Show Notes

On today's episode Kevin sits down with Mark Dickson to discuss his graphic novel, Cream Maid. We discuss Mark's comic book origin as a fan, switching over to a creator, and the process to make Cream Maid. 
Cream Maid sees the world as theirs for the taking. Cream Maid wants to be the individual in the room that everyone adores. Cream Maid still has a long way to go. 

Honey and Darling—an affluent couple living in the English countryside—take on the infuriating feline on a whim, soon discovering that Cream Maid is something altogether unique, blurring the lines between employee, child and trickster god. 

Well-meaning but ill-fated, Cream Maid’s destructive wake serves as the beacon that this newfound family starts to steer towards. 
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