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Beginning a two part conversation about the necessary - nay essential - systems for your brewing business, our guests dig into their areas of specialty to talk through both the philosophy and mechanics interwoven behind the scenes. Mary Brettmann offers insight around the critical financial/Accounting hub of information gathering for effective decision making, Ethan Tsai speaks to the production side of brewing with the realities of the 5S approach to success, and Nancy Trigg talks through the tap room, staff and customer service systems that are so important. While brewery owners of all levels will find good information in this episode, start up, young, and expanding breweries may expand their vision and practical understanding of solid brewing business best practices.


  • Mary Brettmann, President, Beverage Business Builders. Mary has 25+ years of experience in the corporate world. In prior lives, she has been a state auditor, a sales controller, an international treasury professional, a business owner and - finally - a craft brewing CFO for a fast growing regional craft brewery. She calls both California and Minnesota home, plus has clients all throughout the country. She enjoys digging in and creating change with every client.
  • Ethan Tsai, PhD, is a Brewing Operations Consultant, formerly GM of brewing operations for Cigar City Brewing and Tivoli Brewing Company in addition to teaching/assisting in the creation of the Brewing & Fermentation Science Program at Metro State University in Denver.
  • Nancy Trigg, Owner, Trigg Performance Collective. With 20 years as a high-performing operational leader (7 in the brewing industry), and equal experience coaching and mentoring from within organizations, Nancy blends coaching and business advising to be a great partner to leaders of all levels, helping to optimize both business and individual performance.

About StartABrewery
StartABrewery is a collaboration amongst a fun group of craft beer industry veterans who are often invited to speak at beer business / brewing education programs. Each has offered to share their knowledge and experience to support the craft beer community as a whole by helping fledgling breweries in planning.

Conceived and coordinated by Candace L. Moon, The Craft Beer Attorney, and Laura Lodge of Customized Craft Beer Programs, StartABrewery is provided as an educational resource for those dreaming of opening a brewery, those who are taking steps to make their dream a reality, and those who are opening their brewery doors and living it.

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Start A Brewery
StartABrewery is a website providing educational information for start up breweries created by Candace L. Moon (@craftbeeratty) & Laura Lodge (@bigbeersfest).

What is The Start A Brewery Podcast?

The Start A Brewery Podcast covers all things with regard to starting (or growing) a brewery. New episodes are available every other Tuesday and track the process from the original vision, through developing a business plan and into Plan, Act, Open & Grow.