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Would it be a Succession episode if we didn't have a leadership change? We reveal the results of our Succession Character bracket with our FIRST GUEST HOST Quinn Dozier :)

Show Notes dad said we could only have one winner...

On this episode of the podcast, we go over the results of our Succession character bracket. Trent couldn't be with us tonight, so we got the youngest Dozier brother Quinn to guest host with us! Tangents include but are not limited to: the Dozier family tree, the San Francisco Giants, and Jeremy Strong's performance in "Trial of the Chicago 7" (it's bad).


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What is The Tournament Podcast?

The Tournament Podcast forces some of pop culture's touchstones into one of the world's favorite past times: a tournament to determine what's best! New episodes every Monday and Friday. Hosted by Nia D'Emilio and Trent Dozier.

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