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Welcome to this Memorial Day tribute episode where we sit down with Marion Zilinski, otherwise known as Mama Z, to discuss what Memorial Day means to people who have lost their loved ones in service. 
Tuning in, you’ll hear all about Marion’s late son, Dennis, why he decided to join West Point, and what 9/11 meant to him. Marion goes on to explain how it felt to find out that Dennis had died on deployment and shares her heartbreaking experience of losing her son. 
She also talks about Run with Dennis, the Dennis Zilinski Memorial Fund, and how to get involved. Mama Z reminds us what Memorial Day is truly about. 
Thank you for listening in!
Key Points From This Episode:
•   What it feels like to find out that a deployed loved one has died. 
•   What inspired the Zilinski family to start Run with Dennis and the Dennis Zilinski Memorial Fund. 
•   What Memorial Day is truly about, and why freedom isn’t free. 
•   The service dog program and how service dogs assist warriors with PTSD. 
“I was so angry [when my son died]. I have never been so angry in my life.” — Marion Zilinski 
“We want people to understand the dedication of our military.” — Marion Zilinski 
“Our freedom is bought and paid for by men and women that pledge to each of [us] their lives. And not all of them will come home. Many will be killed – or – wounded and their lives will be so impacted.”  — Marion Zilinski 
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