The First Sixteen

To predict the future of water, we have to understand the present. That's exactly what AAFC's Dr. David Lapen and Dr. Steven Frey from Aquanty Inc., are endeavoring to do. Listen in as they discuss their work on a complex, country-wide hydrological modelling tool. It is designed to help researchers, producers and decision makers anticipate water resources of tomorrow and make better, more informed decisions today. This is the Canada 1 Water project.

What is The First Sixteen?

Welcome to Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s podcast series that explores the freshest ideas in agriculture and food. Each episode explores a single topic in depth—digging deep into new practices, innovative ideas, and their impacts on the industry. Learn about Canada’s agricultural sector from the people making the breakthroughs and knocking down the barriers! Farmers and foodies, scientists and leaders, and anyone with an eye on the future of the sector—this podcast is for you!