Those Space People

Deepika takes us on an incredible journey into the world of space law and the myriad ways space lawyers keep things going. She talks about how legal instruments work differently (or not) for space and explains the role of space lawyers at different levels in the space value chain. She believes that space lawyers alongside historians, sociologists and economists even from non-space faring nations should play a role in shaping the future behaviour in space.

Deepika explains that given the diverse fields of space law, anyone (engineers, accountants, bankers, yes anybody!) with an open and creative mind can kickstart a career in space law.

Show Notes

Deepika Jeyakodi is a space lawyer. She currently works with Airbus as a Commercial Contracts and Bid Manager. She is based in the Netherlands.

What is Those Space People?

A podcast series of casual cosmic conversations with people working on all things space.

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