Arvid & Tyler Catch Up

Arvid & Tyler talk about the SVB craze, what it means for bootstrappers, and what a calm business is all about.

They also —finally— have found a name for the pod! In true build-in-public fashion, they share the process behind scoping down the name, why naming things is generally hard, and how that relates to the Calm MBA. The SVB panic makes an appearance, and you'll learn what consequences this has for self-funded entrepreneurs. And you'll find out just how Arvid and Tyler want to integrate calm founders into their collaboration. Hint: the recording booth might get a little crowded.

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Creators & Guests

Arvid Kahl
Calmly building in public. Helping founders and creators to find their own way.I write, podcast, and make videos at kind.
Tyler Tringas
Investing in and supporting calm companies at Bringing them together at

What is Arvid & Tyler Catch Up?

Tyler Tringas and Arvid Kahl build the Calm MBA in public. And they'll catch up.