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Derek Van Diest of Post Media and joined me to recap the draft lottery, recap the Oilers early bubble exit and preview the actual Stanley Cup Playoffs, plus what is watching hockey in the bubble like?

Show Notes

Derek Van Diest of Post Media and has always been a guy I have admired and respected. He's opinionated without being offensive and passionate about sports. He joined me to recap the NHL's draft lottery and how relieved the league must be that the Oilers or Penguins didn't win the Lafreniere Lottery. DVD told me what watching hockey in a near empty arena is like and we discussed the reasons the Edmonton Oilers are no longer in the bubble. What changes need/will be made for next year and if Jesse Puljujarvi fits in. What mistakes were made in the playoff series and what were some of the positives? We also went through every playoff series. Watch for One Timers later in the week with DVD. Our Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports Top 3 is your Conn Smythe Trophy candidates while the UFFS poll question is will Alexis Lafreniere put up 90 or more points next year. I give my reasons why he just might put up the most points by a Calder Trophy winner since Ovechkin. Perfect Player this episode is WHL. Take 3 players, past or present to make the Perfect Player.

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