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Today, I’m joined by the Founder of A Squared Online, Ashlee Berghoff to discuss how entrepreneurs can better manage their time and the benefits of having a virtual assistant...

Show Notes

Ashlee Berghoff is a process improvement consultant and virtual assistant recruiter who works with growing entrepreneurs to help them buy back their time.

She founded her own consulting company A Squared Online, is the creator of the Action Amplified (A2) Method and is an author who brings the best of the corporate world to small businesses. Here are a few of the topics we’ll discuss on this episode of Consulting with Authority:

  • How Ashlee started a business helping other entrepreneurs.
  • How Ashlee’s business has changed over the years.
  • Common problems entrepreneurs face when trying to save time.
  • How entrepreneurs can change custom services to customizable services.
  • How Ashlee got initial traction for her consulting business.
  • Ashlee’s growth model for her business and how she reaches new clients.
  • The type of outreach Ashlee does and how she’s outsourced these activities.
  • The different benefits of having a virtual assistant.


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What is Consulting with Authority?

The Consulting with Authority podcast is for consultants looking to establish themselves as an authority in their space to easily attract high-value clients.