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There are many ways you can still play the scene in a profession you're unfamiliar with.

Show Notes

I’m Michael Bradt for The Bit Theater. There will be times in your improv career when you have to play a doctor, lawyer, scientist, or astronaut. Unless you are or have been in one of those professions, you probably aren't going to know what the heck you’re talking about. It doesn't matter. There are many ways you can still play the scene. One way is to go in with bold confidence and make up your own professional lingo and style. Remember, you're creating this world, so the way a certain job is done is entirely your creation. Another way is to play a bumbling, incompetent professional who has no idea what they're doing. Just make a choice instead of playing it in the middle. That’s your improv tip for the day. Stay safe, stay healthy, love each other, and I will see you next time.

What is Improv Tips?

A micro-podcast feed for The Bit Theater featuring (week)daily improv tips. We can also be found on your Amazon Echo devices!