SG² Steve Gladen on Small Groups

Steve Gladen, Global Small Groups Pastor at Saddleback Church, pulls from his 20+ years of small group ministry experience to encourage and equip listeners to lead healthier, growing and more effective small group ministries. In this episode, Steve & co-host Deek talk about 5 Ways to Start the Year Right in regards to your small group ministry and will discuss the following five points:

1 What am I trying to produce?2 Do I have a team around me?

3 How to identify the holes in your small group ministry
4 How not to eat the whole elephant at once
5 How and why to set goals

This is one show that you will not want to miss!

Steve's Shower Photo

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What is SG² Steve Gladen on Small Groups?

Small group leaders, pastors, and more discussing strategies for growth and community in church groups. The Small Group Network is an international ministry that equips churches to engage in deeper discipleship and community.