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After deciding to try the Shape Up methodology to build the game, JD and Rob sit down to discuss what to build first. Feeling a bit intimidated by the complexity of the project, they discuss reducing the complexity by focusing on singleplayer first and using a game engine. At the end, they make plans for their first bets for the first implementation cycle.

Show Notes


Rob and JD catch up after their last episode on Shape Up. Rob has been studying game engines, and bought a Rust course. JD just watch the talk Bending the Curve from RustConf, in which Esteban Kuber talks about the difficulty teaching Rust to experienced programmers, and shares how it is necessary to unlearn certain assumptions from other programming languages.

JD has been thinking a lot about how to really start the project he wants to do with Rob. Both are freaking out a little bit given the complexity of the goal they set themselves. JD expects a lot of research ahead of them, while Rob fears that this might demotivate him. The two discuss ways how to reduce the risk, and get to a playable prototype as fast as possible. This puts many earlier ideas into questions, and brings back a discussion about game engines and multiplayer. The two discuss building a singleplayer game first, and only if it is successful start working on multiplayer. But with so many unknowns, they probably simply have to start and learn more about their project before making such a choice.

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