Find Your Side Hustle

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Like a phoenix from the flames. Well not quite. Elementary Analytics was something that was born from a real headache I had when trying to review website and social media stats for a startup I founded. I hadn't really done much on this side project, but when the startup failed it gave me chance to give it a go. In part two of this two part episode I chat about improving the product by reaching out to friends and old work mates to get a new design up and running. As well as doing a bit of market research and product validation.
Fortunately this is one side hustle that came to life and it still up and running. If you would like to know more check out

What is Find Your Side Hustle?

So… I’ve spent over a decade working on side hustles and projects, hoping to finally find one that takes off so I can leave the constraints of the “Rat Race”, 9-5 grind. This podcast gives you the “behind the scenes” look at the sorts of things I have built over the years. Hopefully showing you the pitfalls of starting and working on a side hustle, so you can learn from my mistakes and launch your own successful side hustle (I'm still trying).