And Sons

It's Advent season. A time of hopeful anticipation. And yet it's hard to even say the word "hope" without simultaneously feeling the pain of deep disappointment, dreams delayed, and real loss of this year. In the first of this two-part series, originally recorded in 2019, Sam and Blaine look at how our longing for Jesus to come again opens the door for true hope.
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What is And Sons?

Initiation and the young man’s soul. It’s a young men’s Christian podcast. And it’s a podcast on our cultural moment, post-modernity, the millennial world.

To become a great man, you have to become a good man, one day at a time. And to become a good man, you have to understand your moment. Beauty, adventure, politics, theology, psychology, and the soul, we have conversations with experts in their own terms and dive deep into topics that, if you understand them, will help you change your life. A weekly podcast.