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Happy Easter!

While there's plenty of chocolate and Easter beers on the horizon, we're back in Germany with a bang as the Champions League campaign gets underway for Ken while we move through the month of September and knock a handful of league games out of it.

This week is throwing up injury concerns, springing tactical surprises, showing that tweaks in-game can sometimes have catastrophic consequences and starting to stir some unwanted emotions in supporters.

We'll also find out how Castlewarren's season is finishing IRL, get the latest from some regular listeners on their Football Manager saves and concerns and we've done a little bit of looking into our Bundesliga-shaped crystal ball to see if we can cause a rip in the space-time continuum and avoid some of the perils that lay in our way.

As always, you can contact the podcast on Twitter @FMFshow, find Ken @tacticalmanager or here and Shane floating around as @sirsok1. Robbie still isn't on Twitter. We don't think he'll ever be on Twitter.

Creators & Guests

Ken | #FMFShow
Football Manager content. Alter ego of @kenmcguire. Co-host weekly FM podcast @fmfshow. Writes about sport for a living. Currently: Kilkenny City, Benfica #FM23
Shane O'Keeffe
I get to do fun things. Proud founding member of Dicemen Productions and KCLR Sport presenter/producer amongst other things

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