Fire the Canon

In preparation for our Slaughterhouse-Five episodes in April, this week we're covering the life of its author, Kurt Vonnegut Jr.! Never heard of him? Neither has Bekah! But sure enough, we'll all learn a little bit together, with Jackie leading us through the biography of one of her favorite authors. Kurt Von D, as no one ever called him until just this very instant, lived a life defined by extremes - unimaginable tragedy followed him for most of his life, interspersed with the truly absurd, the romantic, the humorous, and the humane. He was a Cornell dropout, a prisoner of war, father to anywhere from 3 to 8 children at any given time, a prolific but under-recognized writer, and a crabby old man who once threatened to sue a cigarette company for failing to kill him. In short, he was an interesting guy. 

In this episode: Rachel forgets the entire point of World War II. Bekah suggests an improvement to the plot of 'Drumline'. Jackie makes a totally understandable etymology mistake. A new guest is born. Topics include Nick Cannon's fertility, more restaurant shenanigans, gender-bending Hutts, fujoshis, Candide IRL, important announcements, a soap opera consisting of Gloria Gaynor lyrics, maternity leave in America, the revenge of the Taisho era, the Battle of the Boob, house fire contingency plans, A Christmas Story, and what it means to be a pacifist.
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What is Fire the Canon?

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