The Negotiation

2020 has been one of the most difficult years in recent memory. It has been difficult for everyone and seemingly spared no one from its wrath. We at WPIC and The Negotiation fully recognize this, which is why we’re so incredibly grateful that you, our listeners, have not only stuck with us, but helped us grow tremendously this past year, as we are seeing thousands and thousands of listeners every month, quite honestly much more than we ever thought we’d achieve. So, thank you. Thank you to you our listeners, and thank you to all of our amazing guests. In light of the incredible year we had, we thought a fun way to close out the year would be to look back and collect some of our favourite moments on the show, and put together a Greatest Hits album of 2020. From all of us here at The Negotiation and WPIC Marketing + Technologies, we wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Enjoy!

Show Notes

This episode is a look back at all of our podcast guests and the topics we covered in 2020, putting together some of our favorite moments for you into one single episode of goodness. The guests featured in this special episode are William Bao Bean, episode 22 released on January 7th; Scott Silverman, episode 28 released on January 31st; Scott Laprise, episode 34 released on March 6th; Dr. Julie Klinger, episode 42 released on April 13th; Gen Kanai, episode 54 released on July 17th; Wei Liang, episode 55 released on July 28th; James McGregor, episode 57 released on August 17th; Anne Stephenson Yang, episodes 58 & 59 released on August 25th and September 1st; Aynne Kokas, episode 61 released on September 16th; Kevin Xu, episodes 66 & 67 released October 27th and November 3rd; and Matthew Brennan, episodes 72 & 73 released December 8th and 15th.

What is The Negotiation?

Despite being the world’s most potent economic area, Asia can be one of the most challenging regions to navigate and manage well for foreign brands. However, plenty of positive stories exist and more are emerging every day as brands start to see success in engaging and deploying appropriate market growth strategies – with the help of specialists.

The Negotiation is an interview show that showcases those hard-to-find success stories and chats with the incredible leaders behind them, teasing out the nuances and digging into the details that can make market growth in APAC a winning proposition.