Storytelling Breakdown

Astroknights & Disco Dancers vs. Dragons & Sumo Wrestlers. Caleb vs. Nicole. Multiple eliminations hang in the balance. Who will win?

Show Notes

Game seven of our Smash Up tournament does have significant implications for who can win going forward. SPOILERS ahead! 

If you’ve stayed up to date with our last six battles, then you know that this battle could prove decisive. Caleb is battling our dear friend, Nicole Rudolph. If Caleb wins, only he and Lucas Gerke will remain undefeated in our tournament. This would also eliminate Ben, Jacob Ganser, and Nicole as none of them would be able to match Caleb’s 3-0 record. If Nicole wins, she notches her first win of the tournament and keeps everyone mathematically alive to win for at least one more episode. 

As for the factions matchups, Caleb decided to theme his combination around soundtracks of the seventies. The Astroknights are similar to, but legally distinct from characters and lore of the Star Wars universe. While you’ve got the John Williams cued up, it might be a good idea to add some Bee Gees to the playlist, thanks to the Disco Dancers faction. Caleb’s combo will lean heavily on action synergy. Nicole’s combo leans into power, destruction, and disruption. The Dragons create many powerful card draw effects, change power balances, and destroy enemy minions and possibly some bases along the way. All of this is before even mentioning the minions and actions that cause opponents to win fewer victory points. Nicole’s largest dragon isn’t even her largest minion thanks to the six power Yokozuna from the Sumo Wrestlers faction. 

Astroknights & Disco Dancers vs. Dragons & Sumo Wrestlers. Caleb vs. Nicole. Multiple eliminations hang in the balance. Who will win? 

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