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In this episode, Dani & Jeanna chat with the fabulous Gail Bennett all about her inspiring performing career, the advice she has for auditioning performers, how she and her musical theater family are coping with being out of work, and how this time is going to change the future of art.

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What is Onstage with Wellness?

Welcome to the Onstage with Wellness podcast. We are performers turned Certified Health Coaches who help artists reclaim their power and take intentional action in their life. Are you a performer who is tired of feeling burnt out, not good enough, and like you don't have control over your career? Get ready to feel energized, confident, & fully in charge of you on and off the stage! Tune in each week to get holistic lifestyle and nutrition tips for a sustainable career as a performer, our own inspirational stories and experiences as well as our guests, and practical tools to handle rejection, competition, & perfectionism in the industry.