The Last Temptation of John

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Book 3, Chapters 28-30: John and his friends are forced to listen to Dr. Ma'bus as The Beast explains to them how they will die.

Show Notes

In THIS episode you'll hear more of Book THREE. 
  • Book III - Return to Golgotha
  • Chapter 28 - Alekhine's Defense
  • Chapter 29 - From the Dust I Came
  • Chapter 30 - Faces of Death
Episode Description:
The Beast teases John, Lazarus, and Mary with stories about how he plans to destroy them during The Armageddon Rite. Meanwhile Pope Benedict continues to offer cryptic signals to all. 

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Author Notes

What is The Last Temptation of John?

Three immortals from Biblical times match wits against The Antichrist as The Book of Revelations comes to life in this fictional thriller perfect for fans of Dan Brown-style novels.