Living Untitled

Ukrainian linguist and educational advisor at Sesame Workshop, Christina Pikhmanets, speaks with Justin Boone about the significance of language in shaping cultural identity, decision-making, and societal understanding.

In this episode of Living Untitled, Christina Pikhmanets emphasizes the power of language in fostering empathy, social awareness, and navigating bicultural experiences.How can we better understand the significance of language in shaping our cultural identity and influencing collective decision-making? In what ways can we harness the positive power of language and navigate its potential negative impacts.

What is Living Untitled?

"Living Untitled" is a podcast that spotlights extraordinary individuals actively tackling pressing global issues for the betterment of humanity. Host Justin Boone delves deep into the inspiring journey of visionary problem solvers, featuring experts from the fields of humanities, technology, and social sciences. Their innovative approaches shine a light on the unwavering hope and determination required to navigate a world marked by uncertainty-an untitled world.

Yet, "Living Untitled" goes beyond a podcast; it extends an invitation to contemplate the concept of living an untitled life. This invitation encourages us to recognize that questions lead to more questions and that the seemingly inevitable can still be open to reimagining. Justin’s conversations delve into the heart of problem-solving, offering profound insights into the personal experiences and unique perspectives of our guests.

Alongside Justin and the guests, we set off to explore the untitled life, one question at a time.