Quiet Please (2020)

An oil rig is shut down after they accidentally disturb something deep below the Earth's surface.

Show Notes

Porky used to work on an oil rig, until one day she and Billy found a strange object in the core sample from the well. Unfortunately, they didn't know what else came up with it.

Written by: Wyllis Cooper
Directed & Produced by: Chuck & Megan Marra
Executive Producer & Sound Design: Todd Gajdusek
Co-Executive Producer & Sound Editing: Cat Hammons
Produced by: Foley Marra Studios (thefoleymarrastudios.com)

Susan Louise O'Connor - Porky
Mike Whittier - Billy
Christopher Manning - Ted
Omari Williams - Police Officer
Adam Pilver - Happy

Quiet Please Theme & Other Music licensed through Soundstripe
Written By: Stephen Keech
Performed By: Third Age

"Uncanny Valley"
Written By: Brendan St. Gelais
Performed By: Wastelander

Written By: Matthew Wigton
Performed By: Wicked Cinema

Sound Effects licensed through Adobe & Soundstripe
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Creators & Guests

Adam Pilver
A long time on-camera actor, Adam has been branching into the wonderful world of VO for the last couple of years.
Cat Hammons
Christopher Manning
Chuck Marra
Megan Marra
Mike Whittier
Mike Whittier’s first foray into voiceover acting was with an old-fashioned radio theater troupe back in his college days, so he’s happy to be back in familiar territory! While his main focus in his career has been film acting, his voiceover credits include remakes of old episodes of “Pat Novak for Hire” and Orson Welles’s “War of the Worlds”. You can check out his most recent on-camera work on “Wild West Chronicles” (Season 2, Episode 10) available on Freevee.
Omari Williams
Omari Williams, a Houston native, graduated Baylor University with a BFA in Theatre Performance. With a need to tell stories, he decided to move out to LA to pursue a career in acting through various capacities such as film/tv, theater, voice over, and the ever popular quarantine hobby, scripted podcasts. So far he has had the pleasure of working on "The Disappearance of Olivia Perry", "Premiere the Play Podcast" and now "Quiet Please"
Susan Louise O'Connor
SUSAN LOUISE O’CONNOR is an actor who specializes in characters who feel too much and love too hard and she’ll do just about anything to make you laugh. Series regular, recurring and guest starring roles on television and new media including NBC, NETFLIX and HBO. Susan debuted on Broadway with Angela Lansbury in Noel Coward’s BLITHE SPIRIT, winning multiple awards.
Todd Gajdusek

What is Quiet Please (2020)?

Foley Marra Studios re-voices and reinvents the classic 1940's radio plays by Wyllis Cooper. Each story only lasts about 30 minutes, so it is a perfect escape for when you need a little Quiet...please.