The Real Abhinav Audio Experience: Beyond The Surface

This episode's guest is Jason M. Schultz, Founder, Executive Producer at Collective Age Media. Video is how we communicate over the internet today. Video Production is In your pocket, Jason puts the dots together. He is a force for good adding to the good in this world with his experience in video production & marketing. You guys will enjoy this one! My Young Hustlers. GO get yours spreading peace and love.

Show Notes

Breaking out of the Prosumer market, professional video production for less money.
Video production is not special anymore, Jason puts the dots together
Know what your goal is, convey the important points to your editor.
Jason did an Internship where he was seeing Eminem and others make music. His journey is incredible you guys are going to love it!
He is a force for good adding to the good in this world with his experience in video production & marketing

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What is The Real Abhinav Audio Experience: Beyond The Surface?

The Real Abhinav Audio Experience (#TRAAE) podcast is a movement to encourage all individuals who are multi-passioned and seeking ways of expressing themselves. The host of the #TRAAE, Abhinav Jain believes that there is only one life, one chance of being uniquely YOU.

Abhinav Jain intends to bring insight from topmost performers in health & business to showcase what they have done differently to grow their minds and keep their physical and mental health in shape. The podcast covers a variety of topics in health, fitness, societal and cultural categories.

Season 1: Live series of interviews with people that have to overcome adversities to build a living.
Season 2: Series of interviews with people on philosophical and cultural matters.
Season 3: Focus on helping people to overcome depression, anxieties, mind chatter, and overwhelming moments in life.

Abhinav Jain is a philosophical entertainer, musician, and passionate relationship builder. As a former professional bodybuilder, he had a healthy ego and confidence to win anything in life. But three years ago, depression became real to him. He saw a lot of anxiety and stress surrounding him. After spending a lot of time working on bettering himself, now he set out to help people that suffer from these issues to see the truth of life, which is all about “peace & love.”

Abhinav Jain has a mission to help overwhelmed individuals to learn ways to reduce depression, anxiety, and live with "peace and love".