Underscore Transformation

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Welcome to Underscore Transformation, your practical guide to successful business change. Each week, join Underscore co-founders Joe Ales and Jason West as they discuss the critical elements of successful business transformation

Show Notes

Underscore Transformation is a podcast dedicated to uncovering the mystery and mystique that surrounds business transformation. Each week, Underscore's co-founders, Jason West and Joe Ales, will discuss the common challenges and pitfalls you can expect to find if you are leading, managing or simply experiencing business transformation. More importantly, we will be joined by some of the greatest minds in business transformation to find out what can be done to avoid them. Each season is based on a different stage of the transformation process. In season one, we'll be focusing on the Scoping phase - looking at the 10 critical success factors to scoping a successful transformation programme (for more information, please download our whitepaper the Transformation Scoping Checklist). Future seasons will explore the Build, Transition and Sustain phases. 

What is Underscore Transformation?

The podcast that provides practical guidance for successful business transformation.