Grand Rapids Real Estate Investing & Real Estate Financial Planning™ Podcast

James talks about how to determine when you do upgrades or improvements to a value-add rental property.

Show Notes

When should you upgrade or do improvements to your rental property? How do you tell if it is worthwhile doing the improvements/upgrades?

In this special mini-class for the Real Estate Financial Planner™ coaching program James covers:

  • Where are we as we improve rental property cash flow/now?
  • Distinctions between BRRR/R and taking advantage of forced appreciation for a quick sale and keeping a rental for long-term wealth building and cash flow/now.
  • How Return Quadrants™ are impacted by upgrades.
  • A look at Return in Dollars Quadrants™.
  • A look at Return on Investment Quadrants™.
  • A look at Return on Equity Quadrants™.
  • How to determine if you should do the upgrades/improvements or not... will it improve returns (with a math example)
  • Will doing the upgrade/improvement make your return better or worse? A quick, math-based, decision-making thought process.
  • The simple math discussion
  • The more complicated math discussion including how to do it using Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

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