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Today, I am joined by John Willis, the founder of the Teaming Edge. John is here with us today to explore Team Coaching.

Show Notes

Show Notes, Episode 40: Team Coaching with John Willis
About this show:
Today, I am joined by John Willis, the founder of the Teaming Edge. John is here with us today to explore Team Coaching.
Notable Quotes
John Willis
“We’re not trying to fix anybody, because nobody is broken”
“Team coaching is a team leader who has the expertise of the best practices in coaching to help a team meet their goal”
“Once you are sitting down in front of the team, you are not coaching individuals, you are coaching an entity called the team”
“Start by co-creating with the team, some powerful team agreements… I use the term team agreements or working agreements that help support not just how the team meets, but psychological safety and team learning” 
“The next thing I would do is co-create a shared purpose with the team”
“If we have team members in a room and there is a team member who doesn’t have a role, we can pretend like they are a part of the team, but the reality is they are not included and they are a not a part of that team.”
“When we ask ourselves ‘what do we need to learn?’ that gives us an opportunity to be curious and investigate what is going on right now in our industry that could help support us in this particular area”
“Collective teacher efficacy has a tremendous impact on student achievement. So, just having a group of educators that believe that they have the resources, they have the knowledge, the skills, to come together to make a difference, they are more likely to make a difference. Now why is that? Because they are more likely to implement the things that will make a difference.”
“When you believe you can make a difference, you are more likely to engage in the actions that leaders and teachers need to take in order to make a difference.”
“If our teachers do not feel safe when we come together to meet, then we are not going to meet our outcomes”
“Especially now, we need to know what is happening in peoples’ lives, and we need to acknowledge that, so we need to get know our teachers.”
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