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"Those who would try to make you feel less than who you are--that is the greatest evil." -Mr. Rogers

This was a quote from Won’t You Be My Neighbor?, a documentary on the life of Fred Rogers. An individual that has affected so many people. A person I gained even more respect for after watching this film.

Blizzard recently released a Pride Pin and the reaction to it just took my breath away. Instead of keeping quiet on their disapproval of the pin, many said some very mean things in Twitter comments. A pin that is raising money for The Trevor Project to help people who are in a tough time in their life.

Do our words lift someone up? Or do they destroy? Mr. Rogers always tried to show each child that they are special and loved. I don’t want to let that legacy fade away. There needs to be more love. We need to not let ourselves go to the greatest evil, making someone feel inferior and less than who they are.

During the movie, the saying What Would Mr. Rogers Do? kept coming up, and I think it’s worth asking in my life. As there are parts of my life where I’m not acting like how Mr. Rogers would. Next time I’m struggling, I need to think of each person I meet as being my neighbor.

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