Imago Gei | Queer Faith. Colorful God.

Spring is the season for transitions. Spring cleaning, the weather changes, and sometimes even a move across the country! This week we discuss some big moves in the journey of our lesbian romance, along with how we are choosing to integrate spirituality, wholeness, and health into our life decisions moving forward in the aftermath of religious trauma. Today, your hosts, Kendra Arsenault, M.Div. and Spiritual Care Provider Roxan Marie Del Valle La Torre, M.Div. share about the ups and downs of transitions. You can follow your hosts today @kendraarsenaux and @roxanmariie

What is Imago Gei | Queer Faith. Colorful God.?

Imago Gei is a play on the term Imago Dei, which means made in the Image of God. Imago Gay is a gay podcast production affirming that we are all deserving of dignity. Gay church anyone? Spectrum Magazine, SDA Kinship along with Kendra Arsenault M.Div. have come together to bring you the latest on queer theology and a minority perspective on faith.

Imago Gay is the affirmation of our humanity and shared value in the eyes of God. This dignity and affirmation of human value, which is the birthright of every living and breathing human being is one that is often forgotten when affirming the dignity of LGBTQ lives. LGBTQ youth are four times as likely to commit suicide. LGBTQ youth also make up 40% of the homeless youth in America. Unfortunately, much of their suicidality and housing insecurity is caused by bad theology. Whether it’s parents who kick their children out of the home for coming out, or the depression that comes with believing that being queer means there is no future possibility of love, family and happiness and you’ve once dreamed. Bad theology is one that does not treat the other as Imago Dei, made in the image of God. So as a statement both to ourselves and to others, Imago Gei is a podcast that affirms that we are all made in the image of God, even the gays….