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Kris Koik from Flender joined us on the show to talk about helping SME's and how tennis helped him as an entrepreneur!

Show Notes

Kris Koik from Flender joins us on the show this week, fresh from raising €10m in debt funding to support SME's through it's platform.

Flender is a peer to peer lending platform aimed in particular at social lending - people looking for a loan from friends & family or a local business looking for a loan from the local community who may be anxious to support the business. The company believes there is a niche in supporting and putting some structure on lending in social circles.
Flender provides an alternative source of finance to SME’s. It aims to solve the problems associated with dealing with traditional lenders such as: length of time to get approved, poor experience, no understanding of the business, etc
By allowing companies to approach family, friends, customers, etc, it also increases the connection with the customer as the customer has a chance in supporting the growth of the business

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