I Like Girls

Nigerian nursing student Temitope Fatima has pursued multiple careers throughout her professional journey. She has held positions as an associate writer, teacher, social media manager, communications advisor, and most recently, a healthcare support worker. In this episode, she shares her experiences of constantly navigating various jobs and explains why it is important for her to explore as many roles as possible until she discovers what truly brings her fulfilment. What are the consequences of frequently switching careers? What are the gains and losses involved? Through Fatima's journey, we gain insight into the process of reinventing oneself as a woman repeatedly.

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Creators & Guests

Aisha Salaudeen
Aisha is the an award-winning storyteller with experience covering women's issues on the African continent. She is the host and producer of I Like Girls.

What is I Like Girls?

I Like Girls - with Aisha Salaudeen - is a show exploring the diverse stories of African women. Each episode offers firsthand insights into how gender shapes women's lives.