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The PWHPA was late to post a racial justice statement game but Sarah Nurse and Liz Knox hope the long-term impact is greater for it.

Show Notes

Host Erica L. Ayala sat down with former board member Liz Knox and current board member Sarah Nurse to discuss the timing of the statement, Liz stepping down from the board, if Sarah feels this is a hollow "diversity hire", and much more. 

Read the full statement here: 

Read Emily Kaplan's story on the PWHPA announcement here: 

Watch Liz Knox on an earlier episode of Social Justice in Women's Hockey:
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Erica L. Ayala (Eye-Yah-La) 💪🏽
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What is Founding 4 Podcast?

The Founding 4 Podcast is a women's hockey podcast hosted by Erica L. Ayala and Angelica Rodriguez. Listen to players chat about the latest news, biggest games, and history of the women's pro league.

In 2015, the National Women’s Hockey League brought the first professional women’s hockey league to the United States. The NWHL started with four founding teams: Boston Pride, Connecticut Whale, Buffalo Beauts, and the New York Riveters.