Azorcan Tours / Canada Fans World Junior Tour Podcast

Team Canada faced a determined Team Russia and it was an absolute mess. They never were in it as Russia turned up the voice and basically coasted to an easy 6-0 round robin victory. SO we try to break it down (gently) and focus on what needs to be done as they get ready for their next match up against Germany.

Show Notes

What is Azorcan Tours / Canada Fans World Junior Tour Podcast?

Join hosts Paul Almeida and Bryn Griffiths as they focus on the World Junior Hockey Championship in the Canada this holiday season.

Paul also owns Azorcan Tours and they'll be taking fans from across North American to this annual event when its overseas. They've been in business for decades, specializing in Group trips to Europe. Come join us in Russia in 2023 and Sweden in 2024!