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In this conversation we explore Kathryn’s plant path & serendipity, Teaching through environmental ed, Heart connection and sensory experiences with plants, Connecting with kids & nature and so much more...

Show Notes

In this conversation we explore: 
  • Kathryn’s plant path & serendipity
  • Teaching through environmental ed
  • Heart connection and sensory experiences with plants
  • Connecting with kids & nature
  • Movement & body awareness
  • The power of playfulness 
  • Honoring our teachers and mentors along the journey
  • Yoga as community gathering space 
  • Trusting yourself on the journey of self awareness & authentic expression 
  • Mutualistic learning with elders 
  • Authority vs creating the space to see who shows up
  • Owning the “I don’t know”
  • Everyone can be a teacher and has something to share
  • Teaching as an art form
  • Walking the edge of a “good middle path”
Learn more about Kathryn at:
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