Back to School Again

Learning should seamlessly fit into your life, your workplace and be easily accessible on demand. That’s the premise behind PowerED, an exciting new offering from Athabasca University.

Show Notes

PowerED Director, Jessica Scott joins me to share the story of PowerED and how it’s reshaping the way individuals and companies access professional development. 

We talk about...
  • How Jessica's background in media leading digital transformation initiatives was the perfect fit for her current role leading PowerED.
  • How PowerED expands AU's offerings into new areas by providing on demand micro-learning courses and certificates for individuals, delivering custom training for corporations and helping organizations develop and build their own digital training strategies.
  • The importance and need for skill development that is "just in time, just enough and just for me" and how PowerED helps meet these new realities. 
  • Using market research to find the skill gaps and building programs based on the results
  • The importance of partnerships and how PowerED has partnered with organizations like the Rick Hansen Foundation to deliver unique programs like Accessibility Certification Training
  • How AU helped Amazon deliver its first online version of AWS Academy and won an award for this new offering 
  • Why expanding online requires huge investments in infrastructure and resources and how PowerED is positioned to help organizations build turnkey online education solutions 
  • Learning management systems, technology and how PowerED delivers an easy to navigate, intuitive, fully responsive and visually appealing online space for learners
  • Using rich media and curating content across learning styles (VARK) to fully leverage the online experience
  • Micro-learning, micro-credentialing and how they fit into the bigger educational landscape
  • Jessica's experience in doing her MBA online and why she is excited to be going back to school again for a PhD online at Athabasca University, of course!
Learn more about Athabasca University and their PowerEd offerings and don't forget to use offer code INGRAM20 if you sign up. We're proudly affiliated with the Alberta Podcast Network - home to fantastic local podcasts. 

What is Back to School Again?

A podcast for mid-life learners.