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We cover:
1) Keith's battle story of transforming his life
2) Second chances / second change employer
3) Advice for empowering your employees
4) Experience from completing a 100 mile ultra marathon

Show Notes

In this episode, we dig into some powerful topics including: 
  • Recovery and becoming the best version of yourself (a true transformation story)
  • The importance of second chances and being a second chance employer
  • Leadership advice for building culture and empowering employees
  • And Keith's experience of completing a 100 mile ultra marathon
1) Keith shares his wild and inspiring story of recovery and turning his life around. He discussing his struggles with addiction and the process of rebuilding his life.

2) Keith digs deeper into the topic of second chances, sharing about his experience as a second chance employer and his observations about those seeking a second chance. We talk about the importance of second chances and the support systems he has in place to help employees build better futures. 

3) We gain insights on building culture, addressing mental health and addiction in the workplace, and dealing with disagreements. We also touch on the importance of empowering employees to become independent thinkers.

4) We hear about his experience of completing a 100 mile ultra marathon, including the mental and physical challenges faced and how he dealt with the discomfort. If you like chasing your potential, you'll appreciate hearing about the 40% rule.

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