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We place a long-distance phone call to Antarctica to chat with Kathrin Mallot, an astrophysicist who works at the IceCube Neutrino Observatory in the South Pole. In this episode, Kathrin talks about preparing for a work assignment in a super remote part of the world; practicing self-care during the punishing Antarctic winter; getting along with coworkers that you also live with in close quarters; frozen nose hairs, snacks, Internet access, and more!

Show Notes

The IceCube website - 00:46

What is a neutrino? (Scientific American) - 1:13

SNOLAB in Canada is an example of a neutrino observatory located in an old mine - 1:58

When neutrinos collide with other particles, a blue light is emitted. This is what IceCube detects. Read more about this blue light and IceCube in this article from the National Science Foundation - 2:13

Emsisoft - 2:48

Skynet satellite (and the other Skynet) - 4:38

Mt. Erebus in Antarctica is the southernmost active volcano on the planet - 14:00

The Thing (the 1982 version by John Carpenter) - 19:28

The IceCube website has an entire section about living at the South Pole - 26:53

The defibrillator scene in The Thing (Warning: VERY SCARY! And gross!) - 27:39

The blood test scene in The Thing (Warning: ALSO VERY SCARY AND GROSS) - 27:50

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