Discipling By Jesus

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How can we best defeat Satan's plans flowing from the COVID-19 pandemic?

Show Notes

  1. Dream: Unmasking (Radically Happy)
  2. Beyond Personal Freedom (Radical Centrism)
Ernie argues that Satan actually has three plans:
  1. Plan A is to recruit people to oppose God directly
  2. Plan B is to subvert those who claim to support God
  3. Plan C is to lock those two in self-righteous combat with each other
While he may prefer A, and enjoys B, he is perfectly content with C...

What is Discipling By Jesus?

The only real answer is Jesus.
The only real problem is Sin.
The only real work is the Cross.
In the end, we only have Him.

Discipling by Jesus (DBJ) is a group "co-devotional" practice for encountering the crucified Christ. By working through His Word & Spirit, Body & Blood we explore greater depths of the Father’s love as we surrender to the Holy Spirit.